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Michael Marks Models
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Mon Nov 04, 2019 1:56 pm

Hello Everyone!

I'm Michael, I have just replaced Wayne as manager of Mark's Models in Cork.

I have very big shoes to fill, as Wayne has much greater knowledge about all the diecast models, which glue might be better for xyz application. That doesn't even get into the fact that there is so much stuff in the store I don't know where even a quarter of it is yet. So please bare with me while I get my bearings, over the coming months. Hopefully I will get to meet many of you soon, especially as I will be carrying on with the meetings that you had at the store.

At those meetings I hope to greatly increase my knowledge and skills in model making too. Some of the pieces that some of you have on display are incredible and I have a long way to go to get anywhere near to your standards.

So a bit about myself;

I'm mad about Mini's, having owned 5 (Two R50's (A Cooper and a One), an R53, R56 and currently an F56-S) and my partner 2 (An R52 and F56 cooper). I also love classic Mini's, but don't know anywhere near as much about them and can't really own one as my garage is full of one of my other hobbies; woodworking. I have been able to greatly increase what I can make, as I was in a position to buy some big machines and can process rough wood myself now.

What that means for you, is I might be able to make custom sized plinths/cases, if we don't stock a ready made case that's big enough. However I won't be able to do the glass, as I drive a Mini. It's one thing to put a large wood base on a roof rack and another dealing with large fishtank sized glass case on a car roof.

I'm also pretty into video games, mostly on the PC side of things. Playing a lot of World of Warcraft, Star Trek Online, World of Tanks/Warships (I haven't played them very much recently and was never any good at them :P).

Here's some pics of my recent models;

Churchill Mk VII

Mini Cooper Rally, still in progress

I hope to see you all in the store sometime soon!

Kind regards,


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Mon Nov 11, 2019 8:51 am

Chatty bunch in here aren't they ?
Like the Churchill nicely done. The mini looks cool too, would it be impolitie to ask what happened to the front headlights ?

Good luck with the new job.
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Tue Nov 12, 2019 2:41 pm

Stange the orginal post did not show up on my feed so only seeing this now with BK Reply/

Congrats on the Role, I am Ex Marks Cork too (before Wayne!). you should fit right in with the boss man being a Car nut!

Delighted you are carrying on with the nights in lets hope it does suit you thats the main thing.

heard you are into RC Cars too! Sweet! nice models there also.

Looking forward to meeting you Michael [smilie=thumbsup02.gif]

@ Brian Personally I don't spend hours on the net looking for someone to chat to these days. I kinda perfer real people. That how I work but It was mentioned before about closing and moving this site to Facebook and there were lots of 'Ah dont's and 'why' etc and the very same people rarely post. Mabye it is because of all the other sites out there also as I have seen cross posting through other forums. Alltough it is great to see lots of work from various excellent modellers this site costs money to run, maybe next renewal we leave it go to the book of Faces. Might not suit everyone but thats life.

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