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Welcome to the ISM forums. Feel free to say hello and tell us a little about yourself. We don't bite!
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Hi all, I'm brand new to the forum,a small introduction

My name is Graham,my main interests over the past 15yrs was diecast models of the 1/18 car(road,race and muscle) and 1/50 construction and heavy haulage,about 8yrs ago I got bitten by O Scale US trains,dummy and freight cars by AtlasO and powered engines,diesels at first and my last two steam all by MTH, I got into the trains as well as loving how cool they looked and sounded but also they added another dimension to my 1/50 world(US O scale being 1/48) ,

When building my simple loop to run my diesels I had told myself no steam!! however that didn't last,my loop has 40.5" radius curves and is fine for the diesels but the steam engines will not do such tight curves,so this leads me to a question,I am a qualified tool maker and always dreamed of buying my own modelers lathe,are there any reputable model machinists on the forum who could machine flanges off a couple of pairs of drive wheels?

I have dabbled in to odd bit of scratch building in the past but only very simple items,work and life now has encroached a lot on my hobby time but I still enjoy it.

Looking forward to going through posts on the forum and chatting to members

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Welcome aboard. Don't feed the spud, it bites. ;)

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Hello, Always good to see some new blood. Jim. :oDY
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