Race Day/Drift Day Build.

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Mon Oct 29, 2018 7:29 pm

So had an idea after seeing a few pics on various sites and channels, and was thinking of doing a race themed display.

After time I would like to build a back drop of a garage or even petrol station as a means of showcasing it off. Doesnt feel right putting them all back in the box after finishing the models.

So to the builds..

Bought a transporter trailer and a Landcruiser as my start position.
The trailer went together fairly handy. Although not exactly how I wanted it too come out. Rushed a few bits, but may hide them with slight modifications. (Different floor pan and some make shift lights etc as these were lost). Have some aftermarket wheels to put on the racks and may find some jerry cans, bits etc for a tool box.

Had got some new paint for future models but tried it out on the landcruiser. It was a mitsubishi peral blue which went on slightly dull, but with a 2 coats of clear its come right up.

Some orangepeel and dust got trapped in the coat, but as a first for both the paint and clear coat im happy. Few decals to put on and some bits to highlight. Green sunroof is due to the plastic being scratched :oX
Some flocking on the inside, first time again and used a pva type glue gel, which I still need a better way of applying.

Ive put a previous build on the trailer as a potentail for what it could look like.
Got the road print from a fella down in the Millstreet Vintage show.

Going forward I have a twincam to replace the car on the trailer and maybe make some drift/race stencils made from online designs. Just wondering anybody made stencils that way? Like print off on a4 and cut out?
Also how is the best way to keep dust or displaying the models even on a shelf etc.

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Wed Jan 02, 2019 6:32 pm

Very impressive build Markykid, a real eye-catching combination. Nicely done! :o)b

Vinny [smilie=thumb.gif]
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