Returning to the hobby

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Re: Returning to the hobby

Postby Prenton » Wed Nov 11, 2015 6:07 pm

Hi Tom

like yourself, I am a Dub, and also a returnee to the hobby (of about 6 years at this stage). I also do mostly WW2 aircraft, as it happens.

I used to use enamels, but after a presentation at one of the Dublin modellers monthly meetings by a chap who used acrylics, I switched over to them. Tamiya and Vallejo Model Air are my favourites.

Like others above, I got a combi compressor and chinese copy/rip off airbrush from a trader on e-bay (cost was around €80, as I recall). I used the airbrush to get a bit of practice with, and used it on models until it broke. Then I stumped up the money and got a good airbrush - a Harder and Steenbeck. Much, much nicer, smoother and easy to clean. Expect to pay anything around €100 for that. The compressor is still working fine, though.

You can get Tamiya acrylics in Marks Models in Hawkins Street or out in Greenogue, and the Model Air can be got in the Games place in Jervis Street.

As to glues - the best (IMHO) is Tamiya Extra Thin, but I occasionally use the revell contacta, and of course superglue. All can be got in Marks.

Fillers vary - like some of the lads, I use Squadron, and plastic putty, and for smaller areas, I use Mr Surfacer 500. I think you can get these in Marks also. There is also some filler, and some useful washes, available in Games Workshop in Liffey Street - the filler is called Greenstuff, I think.

The other thing I would advise is to meet up with other modellers, and get tips etc from them - it made no end of a difference to my skill development when I came back to the hobby and - like Vinny - I am still trying (and failing) to make the perfect model. But it's fun trying. There are meeetings held in Cork in Marks Models shop every month - there would be a thread about those meetings on the forum. But as you are in Dublin, that might be a bit of a stretch. Luckily, between 15 and 20 of Dublin based modellers meet in Dublin city centre once a month, on Saturdays mornings from 11 till 1. The venue is the Lab in Foley Street, Dublin. Send me a PM and I can give you more details - the next meet is Saturday 21st November. You would be most welcome!


Philip (aka Prenton)
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Re: Returning to the hobby

Postby Spud » Wed Nov 11, 2015 6:37 pm

Green stuff is not exactly a putty its a 2 part epoxy for making stuff for miniatures and like, you cut a strip and mix it. it drys Rock hard so im not sure how it sands you also need to smooth it with water.

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Re: Returning to the hobby

Postby tomcosgrave » Thu Nov 12, 2015 12:59 am

Thanks lads for all the advice, it's much appreciated.
If I get into it I'd certainly go along to meetings. If there are actual meets where planes are put together that would be great - I take it the meetings are show and tell ones, as it would be a pain to bring all the gear needed to do work!

I found a cheap airbrush and compressor that I'd go for initially, and then as suggested upgrade to a better model.

I'd be more inclined to try acrylics first I think - the airbrush ready Vallejo paints sound appealing.

I've been looking at a few small kits that are simple - no camo, just a two paint scheme - something nice and simple to see if I really do want to get sucked back in ;-)

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Re: Returning to the hobby

Postby tomcosgrave » Mon Jan 11, 2016 11:19 pm

Hi all,

Since I last posted I've been quietly doing my research to see if I really wanted to get back into this.
And the answer is yes!

So, with the various bits and bobs of gear, an AS-186 compressor and two cheap airbrushes to start me off, along with 5 Airfix 1/72 kits (Zero starter kit, Chipmunk, Spitfire Mk22 and two Wildcats), and substances that go along with modelling, I made a start tonight on the Zero.

I've only done some sanding and put the cockpit together and start painting the inside. When I've a bit more done, I'll post up a thread to show off my progress!
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Re: Returning to the hobby

Postby d_anonymous_modeller » Mon Jan 11, 2016 11:42 pm

Welcome back Tom,enjoy the builds.Each one will be better than the last & learning new tricks & what not will keep it interesting.Best of luck.

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Re: Returning to the hobby

Postby martay » Wed Jan 13, 2016 11:16 pm

great to hear your gettin the bug Tom, like the lads i do recommend a good airbrush and i found second hand badger 100g dual action for very good money, less than a ton. I use both acrylic and enamels, i find the enamels give a much better finish i terms of texture. If your getting into warbirds, ive done quite a few myself, it was my first love, practice your taping methods on the older kits, camo patterns and especially the canopys will have you bouncing off the walls on some of the german stuff. As for the fillers, there are loads out there but if you want to get the seal lines where the wing and fuselage halves meet filled in really well i recommend running a line of super glue along them, and sanding back, this gives a perfect finish, might take more than one run tho. Oh and deffo get a good well lit workspace sorted, more light the better, and a space where little hands cant get involved as its bad enough when you drop the tiny tiny bit :lol: Best of luck and hope to see your work up soon.
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